Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thou, My Sweet Asylum

With Thee
E'en the Ogres do lay arms at my feet
For a moment
To chat on Thy Name
Each thing that tongue doth trip upon
Has Thy Name in it
Whether beast or man
Devil or Angel
I hear Thee speaking on Thee
Each work revealing Thy face
To I
The witness, agent
Commensurate beam of Thee
Do receive Thee back again
Agony to ecstasy
Ecstasy on ecstasy
Thou peels Thyself back for my revealing
Truth upon truth
Clearing I
Obliterating clinging conceptions
And material non-stuffs
That my vision is clear
That my being is clean
How glorious to detonate this pomp
To dissolve my very wishes
And longingest me
No want
Save my resolve into Thy sweet cradle of
Nothing and All
The Core of the Core
Root of Root
Origin of Origins
Here, I happily resign my being
Do with me what Thou wilt

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