Thursday, June 2, 2011

In The Glorious Wild

I have been led to the wilderness
But I fear the loss of my civilization
What of me in such verdant beauty
Where go I in such flaming abundance
I have no place in such perfection
And I love my tortured me
Who gains my pomp by sickened measure
Judging o'er my lepered domain
My kingdom doth e'er keep me the benevolent despot
Whose tyranny is fairly squared
But here
How shall I reign
How shall I govern what Thou hast made perfect
Thou would have me in truth
But the illusion is so so tempting
I fear I would in separate choose Hell my bed place
Then, together live a paradise divine

Were Thou a seducer, Lord
How quickly I would give myself to Thee
My only hope is that Thou may make me nothing enough
That I may live at one
In Thy glorious wild

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